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This is a Sample News Story

This is a Sample News Story

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New California Law Protects College Students

At the end of last month, Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill “Yes is Yes,” making California the first state to have a clear definition of consent. The bill was first proposed by State Senator Kevin de Leon. His goal was to make public colleges safer learning environments. In a statement he said, “Every student deserves a learning environment that[Read More…]

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Shoes and the City with Sarah Jessica Parker

In 1998 we watched Carrie Bradshaw walk down the streets of New York in her Manolo Blahniks for the first time on Sex and the City. A fashionista in the making, it became clear that above all Bradshaw’s first love would always be shoes. Over fifteen years later it only seems fitting that Sarah Jessica Parker, who portrayed the character[Read More…]

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Ink-teresting Exhibit in Little Tokyo

Museums act not only as a hotspot for tourists and art lovers alike, but also as a notable landmark to brighten up the city it resides in. This is why the city of Los Angeles shines as bright as a diamond being home to a grand total of 107 remarkable museums. As if Los Angeles isn’t lucky enough, it gets[Read More…]

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Cleveland’s Closet: Birkenstocks are Birk-in-style

We’ve all seen these sandals around school, slowly taking over more feet everyday. The Birkenstocks “trend” is upon us. But when you slip into your open-toed shoes in the morning, do you know the extensive history behind them? Birkenstocks can be traced back to 1774 when Johann Adam Birkenstock was registered in church records as a shoemaker. Over a century[Read More…]

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Welcoming New Teachers

By Tess Pollok, Staff Writer Cleveland welcomed a record number of new teachers on staff this year following the retirement of many beloved former members of staff. Dana Blumfield, who taught AP Physics here in B Hall, retired after more than a decade teaching the subject. “Ms. Blumfield was such an accurate and calculating teacher,” recounts senior Alex Freundlich of his[Read More…]

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To Tech Or Not to Tech?

For some years now, schools around the country have been struggling to determine the importance of the use of cellphones in academic classes. According to 12th grade teacher Wayne Basinger, technology, especially phones, is a great resource for research and communication and, if used effectively, can benefit students. “I have a very liberal phone policy, but obviously if students are[Read More…]

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Relaunching Academic Decathlon

Cleveland’s Academic Decathlon team is at it again and stronger than ever before. This year the team is ready to compete, win some trophies, and most importantly represent Cleveland. Last year, the AcaDeca team was unable to participate in competitions due to their lack of members, but this year they have already begun their preparations. Danielle DiFrancesco was approached by[Read More…]

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MISIS Crashes …Again?

It’s funny, really, how MISIS is just ISIS with an added “M.” Funny, of course, until you start to think of other words that start the letter “M.” Words like “malevolent,” “merciless,” “mean,” and even… “macadamia nut.” (Note: author has distant relative allergic to nuts). Remember that scene in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie where Spongebob and his good friend, Patrick[Read More…]

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Fun, Fun, Fun at FYF Fest

This year was the 10th FYF fest, which took place at the LA Historic Park from on August 24-th and 25th. This summer event was the hype of the summer as everyone wanted to join in on the fun. There were a total of 27 bands and artists on the first night alone, and 31 performers on the second night.[Read More…]

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