Fun, Fun, Fun at FYF Fest

This year was the 10th FYF fest, which took place at the LA Historic Park from on August 24-th and 25th. This summer event was the hype of the summer as everyone wanted to join in on the fun. There were a total of 27 bands and artists on the first night alone, and 31 performers on the second night.[Read More…]

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A Grand Time in Grand Park

A sad, but true fact to life is that some parks are better than others. There are parks that have monkey bars that leave you with painful blisters on your fingers, or parks with dirty jungle gyms that you wouldn’t want to go near let alone sit on it’s swings. Then there are parks that leave you breathless, parks that[Read More…]

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Bassmakers: The Phenomenon That Is Beats By Dre

People buy Beats headphones due to their brand, not because they sound good. At school, a majority of the headphones worn around people’s necks are Beats. There are many critiques of the audio company founded by Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine and rapper Dr. Dre in 2008. Criticism aside, “Beats did to headphones what Starbucks did to coffee,” in the words[Read More…]

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